Square Footage


Design Start

June 2015

Completion Date

March 2016

Building Type

Warm Shell


MCL Construction

LinkedIn Omaha

LinkedIn Omaha 12_448x454

LinkedIn Omaha


The goal was to create an expansion space for the local LinkedIn Omaha office that was to be a game changer for the group. They wanted us to establish the connection to the LinkedIn Brand, while creating a locally unique feel.


Omaha, rich in history, is an upcoming city of tech companies and it was important that the new space reflect the underlying message of past, present and future.  The space seamlessly blends the heritage of Omaha’s past, embraces the current trends of the young vibrant culture that is LinkedIn, and is a portal to cutting edge technology and design of the future. The authentic natural palette of creamy whites and warm grays is the backdrop upon which modern elements are highlighted. Clean architectural lines are the backdrop to ornate detailing, rich colors, native patterns, local art and diverse furniture; the look and feel of a homelike environment. Without overpowering the space, deep colors, textures and patterns are strategically applied to create balance and contrast; an eclectic blend that is unique to Omaha while aligning to LinkedIn’s brand. Materials combine effortlessly throughout the space, blurring the lines in which one area or era ends and the continuation of another begins; a space that is recognizing of the past, present and future.

Photography by Brad Anderson
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