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The Next Generation of AP+I Design!

Antonio Caliz + Meera Agrawal | Partners + Principals at AP+I Design

Mountain View, Calif., Feb. 7, 2023 | AP+I Design was born out of a vision to create a firm providing exceptional customer service coupled with great design. Under the visionary leadership of founder Carol Sandman for the last 30 years, the firm has become well known for its unique design expertise and impressive collection of clients.

In 1993, Carol founded AP+I Design with just two employees and a loyal following of clients. Carol has always been focused on ensuring that growth for the firm is deliberate and client-driven. She is guided by a desire to motivate and inspire others, providing mentorship and insight that allows each person to find and embrace their own success. She takes a personal interest in her staff members, supporting them both professionally and personally. Under Carol’s stewardship, AP+I Design has grown to 62 employees across the country in Mountain View, Seattle, Austin and Southern California. 

Today, we’re excited to announce some changes coming to the AP+I Design family. After 30 years of building AP+I Design into one of the top architecture and design firms in Silicon Valley, Carol Sandman will be transitioning leadership of the firm to Meera Agrawal, a current Principal at AP+I Design and Antonio Caliz, a former Principal at Gensler. Carol will remain in her current role assisting with the transition every step of the way. She will begin transitioning leadership of the firm beginning in February 2023. Meera and Antonio are committed to maintaining the legacy that Carol has built, while bringing a refreshed vision for the firm. 

Meera Agrawal is a current Principal at AP+I Design and has nearly 20 years of experience in the Architecture and Interior Design field. She will continue to lead the Marketing and Business Development efforts for AP+I Design. Throughout her career, Meera has led a wide range of projects including corporate campuses, office buildings and corporate interiors. As a leader in client relations, she recognizes the importance of listening, communicating and implementing to meet her clients’ vision. She believes in the transformative power of design through space and experiences.

AP+I Design is an incredibly special place, and I’m honored to take my leadership role to the next level. Carol has built AP+I Design into a respectful and supportive place for employees to thrive. Antonio and I are deeply committed to maintaining this culture, while providing a refreshed vision for the next generation of AP+I Design. Alongside Antonio, we hope to inspire purposeful design for our clients and lead our employees through great communication, collaboration and passion.

Meera Agrawal, Partner + Principal at AP+I Design

Antonio Caliz is an accomplished leader in the Architecture and Interior Design field with more than 25 years of experience building teams and offices in the Bay Area and Mexico City. He will lead the operations and practice side of AP+I Design. Antonio has led a range of projects including corporate campuses, office buildings, corporate interiors, education, hospitality, retail and urban planning.

I am thrilled with the opportunity to co-lead AP+I Design as the firm continues to grow and evolve in today’s ever-changing design and architecture practice. I’m taking on this effort with reinforced passion and optimism in the future of our profession!

After the incredible cultural shifts experienced over the last few years, we believe that it’s important that the leadership of design firms reflect their teams and the communities that they serve. Meera and I share the values that have made AP+I the amazing family it is, and we feel very excited to build on the accomplishments and success that Carol has already achieved. 

Antonio Caliz, Partner + Principal at AP+I Design

Meera and Antonio are impressive leaders in the industry, and will bring a fresh perspective and vision for the future of AP+I Design, while maintaining the positive company culture, exceptional client experience, and client-focused design that AP+I Design has always delivered. 

We believe that the future of workplace design should center on the creation of human connection – a place where people can come together to create, innovate, and thrive. Our goal is to inspire change and evolution through the way we collaborate internally and with our clients. Always nimble and adaptable, we will attract the best talent in the industry to be part of a world- class practice that is committed to their personal growth and to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Meera Agrawal + Antonio Caliz

While this is the beginning of a new era for AP+I Design, at its heart, the firm will maintain the same core values, quality of work and respectful work environment that Carol Sandman has instilled over the past 30 years.

I have had the personal and professional pleasure of working side by side with Meera for the last 7 years. She has played an instrumental role in the development of the firm since she joined AP+I Design and during that time, she has become my right-hand person. I have known Antonio as an acquaintance for over 20 years and my respect for him has grown a great deal over the last year as we’ve had the opportunity to work together more closely. I am thrilled to have them join together in taking over the leadership of the firm and excited to watch them guide AP+I Design toward a new vision for our valued clients and staff. I am heartened to know that the culture of the firm is as important to them as it has been for me, and I have the utmost confidence that they will ensure that AP+I Design continues to be a great place to work for our staff, as well as for the next generation of design professionals.

Carol Sandman, AP+I Design Founder + Principal

Carol will remain onboard at AP+I Design through the coming year, and will be fully available to all of her current clients and projects.

Photography by Linda Tran Photography, a woman + minority-owned business.