Square Footage


Design Start

November 2015

Completion Date

September 2016

Building Type

Warm Shell


Principal Builders

Cisco – Building 21


Cisco  – Building 21


Cisco has continued to implement and modernize their campus, meeting the goals for their new workplace vision. This building housed several engineering teams responsible for cloud, hardware and software development. The challenge for the floors in this building were to align with the ReBoot standards, which provides a structure of flexible work spaces that allows the users to decide how and where they will work. Employees are assigned to a “neighborhood” and within this area they choose how they would like to work and where to sit. For the engineers in this building, they had several specific and dedicated room requirements that needed to align with the neighborhoods. Cisco also established the overarching design concept for the Re+Boot projects on campus based on locations of their international offices/presence in an effort to encourage a greater sense of awareness for the brand of the company. This building was designated Africa.


The key was to design a space that met the criteria of the Re+Boot standards that were consistent with the campus, but also provided for the specific needs of the user group. Creating a mix of flexible workspace types gave the employees the ability to pick the space best suited for their specific work needs of the day, along with dedicated room types to support the business needs of the users. Specialty rooms were created to support network testing, equipment testing and lab functions. The greater balance of the space integrated more public type shared spaces to provide a variety of informal, multi-functional areas for more social and collaborative interactions. To evoke the spirit of African influence, we ultimately designed three regions, one for each floor, implementing environmental differentiation by floor but bringing unification within the building. The result is a freshened expression on the international reaches of the company, while remaining true to the objectives and goals of the program along with increased employee engagement and enhanced innovation through agile connectivity.

Photography by John Sutton