San Carlos

Square Footage


Design Start

July 2015

Completion Date

March 2016

Building Type

Warm Shell


South Bay Construction




The Rovi Corporation, now Tivo, wanted their west coast Bay Area headquarters to have the same feel as their other offices. Their branding and marketing had very specific design elements, artwork and colors that needed to be incorporated in the architecture, materiality, signage and technology. One of our biggest challenges was to utilize as much existing architecture as possible while changing key public areas and materiality to incorporate the Rovi brand and overall feel of the space. Other challenges included working remotely with the Rovi consultants including their project management team, IT, AV, security and the Rovi management group, as well as a tight design and construction schedule.


Our design incorporated an architectural vocabulary that utilized asymmetrical angles in public high impact areas, incorporating the Rovi logo and the art stroke from their branding. This created dynamic design features that we incorporated throughout the space while also maintaining a significant number of existing offices and rooms to meet their budget needs. Technology in the lobby and media center showcased their product offerings. Of particular note, we were able to get our permit with zero plan check comments which improved our schedule by over 2 weeks.

Photography by Richard Seagraves