Paragon Point

Paragon Point


The challenge was to update two fully-occupied, four-story commercial office building lobbies with existing finishes over 15 years old, while maintaining day to day operations. Existing architecture and finishes were reminiscent of the 1980’s with dark blue-green wall and floor tiles, grey concrete walls and insufficient lighting.  The space felt cold, dark, and cave-like.  Tenant access had to be maintained through the duration of demolition and reconstruction. Existing architectural elements such as concrete columns and walls had to remain. The existing architectural volume needed to be softened and made much less austere.   AP+I worked with the property management, corporate parent ownership and the real estate brokers to determine their “wish lists” to the project.  The architectural team was challenged to capture the essence of their requests while providing timely, creative solutions and concepts.


The warmth and texture desired in the lobby was accomplished through the use of wood and stacked stone veneers. Cleverly integrated lighting, translucent materials and curvilinear elements were used to brighten and lighten the space. Existing oversized concrete columns and surrounds were fitted with custom wood panels, metal reveals and brushed metal bases. Colors were intentionally light and warm cream tones, with rich olive and beige accents in the carpeting and furniture. A series of undulating acrylic panels concealed fluorescent lighting strips. The curving acrylic panels grace the ceiling recess with light as well as creating an artful sculpture. The lobby spaces, once dark and cold, now say “Welcome” to both tenants and visitors with elegance, light, warmth and texture.

Photography by John Sutton


Paragon Point
One and Three Lagoon Drive
Redwood Shores, CA

Square Footage

Two lobbies
1,850 SF each

Design Start

Completion Date

February 2008

Building Type

Warm Shell


McLarney Construction