Mountain View

Square Footage


Design Start

October 2010

Completion Date

August 2011

Building Type

Warm Shell


XL Construction

Confidential Client

Confidential Client


To redesign a dark, outdated, fully built-out corporate interior into a lively space that invites others to connect in this building off of this company’s main campus.  The company requested a “fun feature” design that would entice other remote employees to visit the space, thereby fostering collaboration between people who normally would not have interaction.  The high tech company’s commitment to achieving LEED Platinum certification and providing toxin-free environments challenged us to be creative with every material selected.


The existing ceiling was opened up to expose wood beams. Solar tracking skylights were designed to provide ample day lighting, as well as to allow users to limit light usage during the day. A “fun feature” never incorporated previously in this company’s facility became an inspiration for the design of this space. Designing a skateboard ramp adjacent to the employee lobby, gave us the opportunity to create an urban look and feel throughout the building. Graffiti artists were employed to further communicate the urban tone.

Photography by John Sutton