San Jose

Square Footage


Design Start

December 2014

Completion Date

December 2015

Building Type

Warm Shell


South Bay Construction

High Tech Company


High Tech Company


After a large international micro-electronics company acquired a high-tech Silicon Valley company, they were challenged with rapid growth and the need for a larger office space that would complement their international corporate design guidelines and culture. Our team was tasked with interpreting the corporate guidelines based on local availability of product and materials. Because the design guidelines were high caliber, creative solutions were implemented in order to adhere to the budget and maintain the project schedule.

Our project goals included designing an open environment with special attention given to acoustics, high ceilings, flexibility and creating spaces suitable for heads down work, making the office a desirable space for the recruitment and retention of their highly valued engineers.


Working in tandem with the general contractor and furniture supplier, we translated the guidelines in a cost effective way with the use of DIRTT Environmental Solutions (prefabricated interior construction) in over 60% of the office space to maximize flexibility, growth and adaptability of the client’s constantly evolving workspace and technology needs.

We collaborated with all of the project team disciplines to maximize ceiling heights and provide adequate acoustic solutions. The two-story building’s wood frame construction required special floor and ceiling treatments to achieve the required acoustic performance. Mechanical ducts were carefully located within the open ceilings as to not interfere with the specialty lighting throughout the space. The result is a space that is open, light-filled and versatile.

Photography by John Sutton