Cisco Building 6

Audio Privacy RoomCisco  – Building 6


Over the past couple of years AP+I has been working with Cisco to modernize their campus and meet the current objectives of the Cisco Connected Workplace (CCW).  The specific challenge with Building 6, Floor 4, was to not only meet the objectives of the CCW program but to also increase informal multi-functional spaces in a new creative way.


The desire for additional informal multi-functional spaces was met by modifying circulation, opening up support spaces and adding social zones.  Long monotonous corridors were made active by the addition of built-in banquette seating / niches.  Pass ways between meeting rooms were expanded to create an informal meeting space with auxiliary furniture.  The enclosed break room was opened up into a larger café that blends open work space and social space with minimal hard wall separation.  And a social zone was added to increase informal interactions and add entertainment.

Photography by Dan Peak

San Jose

Square Footage


Design Start

July 2013

Completion Date

January 2014

Building Type

Existing Building / Major Renovation


Novo Construction