Khiang Sabe

Khaing Sabe

Khaing leads the “The Big Idea” for the team; developing planning strategies and overarching principles that define the design vision – the foundation for each project. As a hands-on director, her industry awareness and holistic design approach add a uniqueness that is an interpretive reflection of the client’s signature. She wants to hear, to learn, and to connect with her clients and her team. As she aims to understand the goals of a project, Khaing is always curious about the “why”. She is thoughtful and purposeful in her design process and with her design solutions.

Khaing is a believer that everyone deserves good design because design, as an agent of change, can build positive experiences. Having worked on several philanthropic and community projects in the past, she is truly passionate about giving back and design for all.

Khaing comes from a large, tight knit family, spending time with her cousins and their children on a regular basis. Although Khaing was raised in the Bay Area, she was born in Burma and is working to perfect her Burmese cooking skills.